Android Tutorial 12 – Edit and Save Changes to List in Database

This is a continuation of Tutorial11. In this tutorial, we not only save to the database, but we can now click on the list, make a change to that entry, and then save it back to the database. We do this by using setOnItemClickListener, OnItemClickListener and OnItemClick. We get our entry for updating from the database and update is back to the database with getById and update methods that we added to our database helper.

Download it here – Tutorial12.tar

Android Tutorial 11 – Store List(Text String) in a Database

Warning – this was written for Android 2.4 and is no longer valid – In this tutorial, we show how to store a text string in a database. This allows us to make a list of thing, that we can store in and retrieve from a database. This tutorial uses the ViewHolder class, DatabaseHelper class, and a Custom CursorAdapter We will be using this tutorial as the basis for the next several videos.

Download it here.Tutorial11.tar

Android Tutorial 10 – Display Data from Database in List

This tutorial covers the most basic example of how to pull data from a database and display it in a list in your application. We are pulling from a preloaded database(see tutorial 9) This is done by using a Cursor to hold the results of the query, which when then pass to the CursorAdapter object. A CursorAdapter is just a little bit different from an ArrayAdapter. We also use the ViewHolder technique in this video(see tutorials 7 and 8).

Download it here. Tutorial10.tar