Android Tutorial 8 – ViewHolder Part 2

This is a quick update to Tutorial 7. In this tutorial, we fully abstract our ViewHolder class. We implement a constructor and a populateFrom method, so that all future modifications can be done to the viewHolder class, without having to touch the Adapter. This is the basic ViewHolder that we will be using in all future tutorials, as needed, so it is a good idea to understand what it does.

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Android Tutorial 4 – Custom Note List

This is the same as our simple note list, with color and pictures instead of the built in layout for our adapter. We do this by invoking a different constructor, and pass it 4 variables instead of 3. The first and last are the same, but the middle two are now a resource, which is our custom_list_item xml file, and the id of the TextView that will contain the strings of the array.

Note in the video I misspeak and call the second variable the NoteList, it should be the id of TextView.

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