Android Tutorial 22 – JSON Array data display in ListView using ArrayList with custom class

Download Tutorial22.tarThis tutorial builds on tutorial 21. We take our JSON result array to build an ArrayList with our custom class, rather than a String. This allows us to do more useful things with the structured data our remote url returns to our application. We also bring back our ArrayAdapter and ViewHolder technique, with a slight modification to work with our new ArrayList.

Android Tutorial 19 – Insert Update Delete List in Database via AlertDialog

Download Tutorial19.tarThis tutorial is a re-implementation of number 13 using the AlertDialog. This is a list with the ability to insert, update, and delete entries. This tutorial illustrates how to save a list to a database. We use a custom adapter class, the holder technique, and a custom database helper class….and also the AlertDialog and DialogInterface 😉

Android Tutorial 8 – ViewHolder Part 2

This is a quick update to Tutorial 7. In this tutorial, we fully abstract our ViewHolder class. We implement a constructor and a populateFrom method, so that all future modifications can be done to the viewHolder class, without having to touch the Adapter. This is the basic ViewHolder that we will be using in all future tutorials, as needed, so it is a good idea to understand what it does.

Download Tutorial8